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The Earth Camper pioneers ARB’s bold entry into the recreational vehicle (RV) industry. Culminating almost 50 years of knowledge & experience in the 4×4 space, we have integrated our skillset across each of our product categories to showcase the very best ARB has to offer, delivering one extremely capable, compact and feature packed off road camper trailer.

With ARB’s pursuit of the highest tier in both quality and functionality, you can depend on the Earth Camper to perform at the highest level – no matter where you take it.

Watch the video below to see an in-depth walk around of the ARB Earth Camper

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Discover the array of features jam packed into the spacious camper

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Uncover the story behind ARB’s biggest endeavor yet; the ARB Camper 

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Equip extra accessories to your ARB camper to unlock a world of potential.

arb earth camper accreditation

ARB as an RVMAP licensed business is committed to consumer safety.  RVMAP is a voluntary ADR compliance education and inspection program focused on safety.  Australian Design Rules (ADRs) are national standards for vehicle safety, anti-theft, and emissions.  RVMAP licensed businesses commit to consistently supplying campers that adhere to relevant ADRs and federal compliance regulations and are regularly checked against these commitments.

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