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Whether it’s for camping, keeping equipment and tools dry and secure, or for extra storage, ARB has the perfect canopy solution to suit your needs and lifestyle.

From the tried and tested Classic canopy offering simple yet secure storage space, to the flagship Ascent canopy featuring the latest in design, technology and functionality, ARB’s canopy range is manufactured from UV stable ABS thermoplastic, making it a dependable solution for your dual, single or extra cab ute. All the ARB canopies come with easy-opening windows that you can use to get quick access to your storage. You can also check out our modular drawers, cargo rack drivers and other cargo solutions to upgrade your ute’s storage needs.

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The Ascent is our feature-packed flagship canopy, offering the highest level of usability and vehicle integration in an ultra-premium design.

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The Classic Plus canopy maintains the popular Classic shell, available in a smooth finish and embodying the proven design and engineering of the Ascent canopy’s central locking system.

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ARB’s Classic canopy has stood the test of time, offering unrivalled quality, practicality and affordability.

Whether you’re after modern styling, security or better organisation, we have the perfect solution for your needs.
Use this handy table to find the canopy that best suits your needs.

Classic Plus
Tinted safety glass windows
Frameless glass side windows
Electronic window release
Customised window configuration
Vehicle integrated central locking
LED brake light
Integrated rear spoiler
Internal LED light
Colour coding available
Soft-touch electronic unlocking mechanism
Smooth finish
Textured finish
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The shells of ARB’s canopy range are made in New Zealand before they’re assembled in Australia! 



As ARB canopies have a strong internal structure, they have two weight ratings – dynamic weight (weight the canopy can carry when your vehicle is moving) and static weight (weight the canopy can carry when the vehicle is standing still).

The dynamic weight of ARB’s canopies with internal supports is approximately 100kg, while the static weight is between 350kg and 400kg.


Besides providing a cavernous weatherproof space where you can haul large items, a canopy also presents dual cab ute owners with plenty of options when it comes to tailoring their vehicles to suit their needs – think ute liners, drawer systems, shelving, tie-down points, fridge slides and more!

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